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The construction of pasteurizing plants is our core business.

Fully automatic pasteurisation with a very narrow tolerance range

High quality pasteurisation for medium sized food manufacturers

Easy pasteurisation for small craft food producers

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Pasteurizers - Pasteurisation Plants

Pasteurisers: Short overview

We supply pasteurisation plants for all forms of liquid or viscous foods.
Technically it is possible to distinguish between the following product groups:

- Pasteurisation plants for liquids containing CO2 (beer, soft drinks)
- Pasteurisation plants for liquids without CO2 (milk, juices, ...)
- Pasteurisation plants for viscous products or products with a high fibre content

The two process parameters of pasteurization are the temperature and the time that the product is exposed to this temperature (hold time). If a higher pasteurisation temperature is selected, it is possible to pasteurise with a shorter hold time for example. The general principle is that the pasteurisation needs to be carried out in such a way that the taste qualities are affected as little as possible. In this context there are a lot of established opinions which no longer meet the current state of knowledge. For example, a longer hold time has a more negative influence on the flavour than a slightly higher temperature. The demand for a higher heat recovery also has a negative impact, since a high heat recovery also means a very long exchange zone. However, the aim must always be to achieve the pasteurisation temperature as soon as possible, to keep the hold time short and then to cool down quickly. In the dairy industry, a distinction is made between pasteurisation and ultra-high temperature pasteurisation (UHT). Those terms relate to the different thermal treatments and thereby the attainable durability. Technically there are only minor differences. Our flash pasteurisation plants can also be run as UHT systems. For these systems the heating temperature is between 120° and 150°C. The detailed process engineering solutions are somewhat different to those of standard pasteurisation systems. We have developed a few interesting detailed solutions for UHT systems. As a result of this our systems remain reasonably priced, extremely reliable and easy to operate.

In the brewing industry, we only refer to flash pasteurisers. It is comparatively easy for a brewer, as his product is very durable by nature due to the pH value and the alcohol, hop and CO2 contents. So the brewer’s main objective is to destroy yeast cells and to inactivate the enzymatic activity. With a low oxygen content in the beer, there is no negative effect on flavour when using a flash pasteuriser.

Pasteurisation plants for viscous or chunky products or products with a high fibre content require the use of double pipe heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are manufactured by ourselves. Our plants consist of a function module on which the pumps, the valves and the control system are located. The double pipe heat exchangers are installed as a block next to the function module. With these systems, the time for heating up and cooling down has to be taken into consideration when calculating the pasteurisation units.

NEW FOR 2017:
We will be offering laboratory pasteurisation as a service from the third quarter of 2017 onwards. It will then be possible for you to find out what effect flash pasteurisation has on your product. Precise test series with different temperatures and heat holding times can be carried out. You will then receive the pasteurised samples in sterile containers.


Special solutions:

--->    Honey Pasteurisers
--->    Accessories for Pasteurisers



Pasteurizer fully automatic - ServoFlash

Fully automatic pasteurizers.




Pasteuriser ValueFlash.
Semi automated pasteurisation plant.



Pasteurizer MiniFlash.

Pasteuriser for small companies.

Flash Pasteuriser Know-How

The images below show some flash pasteuriser units which we have engineered.
Flash pasteurisers are our specialist field and we lead the way within it.

Flash Pasteurizer Know How.

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