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Pre-Dough Systems

We plan and build tailored pre-dough systems to any dimensions required. The bigger, the better - this is the mantra which applies here. We are convinced that we can offer the best solution available on the market in this field. You will not just receive a system for the baking trade. Our systems bring together the process engineering know-how of the food industry. All our systems meet the EHEDG Directives and all safety requirements, particular those related to product safety.

We can complete your system within a very short time frame. Even the largest systems will be ready for operation within six months (liquid section, from date of order). We supply the liquid and viscous components section. The engineering for the dry components is provided by AZO GmbH + Co. KG.

A pre-dough system consists of the following three main components:
1. Liquid storage tank
2. Continuous mixer
3. Maturing tanks (fermentation tanks)
4. Dough cooling and buffer tanks

We will provide you with an “off the peg” pre-dough system. We will, however, also implement your individual process. We will implement and automate your process on a large scale regardless of how it runs. While doing so, we place particular value on having process parameters which can be adapted in each direction and we always have a plan B available.

Pre Dough Systems

1.  Liquid storage tank + CIP

Flexible and set up optimally for future requirements.

The images on this page show the storage tanks for yeast, oil and liquid sugar. The CIP system, the mixproof valve connection of the liquid storage tank and the tanker station are also visible. The size of the storage tank primarily matches the availability of individual liquid components. The components don’t just have to be made available; they must also be fed to the respective point of use in a hygienic manner. The liquid yeast must thus be treated very gently so that its fermentability is not reduced. 

Tanklager Flüssigkomponenten

2.  Continuous mixer "ViscoMixer"

Dough without small lumps and with minimal strain on the dough.

We have developed our continuous mixer especially for the production of pre-dough. Sensitive dough can be mixed without high shear forces occurring. The dough is uniform after just a few revolutions. The continuous mixer is right at the heart of a pre-dough system. The vertical construction ensures that the continuous mixer can be emptied. The burden placed on the drainage system in the form of dough residue is less than for comparable systems. We have attached considerable importance to the fact that the continuous mixer can largely be operated so it is self-cleaning. Our revised continuous mixer design allows automatic cleaning right into the flour pipe.

-> Contimixer (ViscoMixer TM)


3.  Maturing / fermentation tanks

Maturing - gentle and even

The maturing tanks are shown in the images to the left. The solid, slow-turning stirring elements make very gentle circulation of the pre-dough possible. The fermenting pre-dough is circulated from time to time in order to ensure a uniform fermenting time throughout the tank. Otherwise the pre-dough which was pumped into the tank first of all would also be the last to be pumped out. The second reason for the circulation is to keep the increase in volume within defined limits. The number of maturing tanks required is linked to the production quantity and the desired fermentation time.


4.  Cooling, buffer and dosing

Complete up to the baking line

The intensive fermentation is ended as the pre-dough is pumped into the storage tanks through a cooler. The dough is kept ready in the storage tanks so it can feed the final kneading machines. The pre-dough dosing to the kneading machines and the dosing devices of other liquid components also form part of the pre-dough system. The photograph on this page shows the dough cooler, two maturing tanks (left) and two storage tanks (right). The continuous mixer is largely obscured on the photograph.

Pre dough System

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