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Mixed Beverage Production, inline


For the highly precise blending of drinks we offer a batch process system (BeverageWizard®) and two in-line process systems. The two in-line systems "Mixer" and "ServoBlend®" are described in this chapter. With the in-line blending, the beverage production takes place at the same time as the filling. The greater the volume of production,the more suitable an in-line process is.

Mixer & ServoBlend®
Mixer for the in-line production of mixed drinks from beverage syrup
In the beverage industry the term "Mixer" describes a final in-line blending system for production of a finished beverage. Although no standardised mixer will be acquired without customisation, interested customers will look for that term in their search of suppliers. That is why we have rearranged our technology for a mixer series. In order to standardise individual areas, our mixers consist of modules, which are part of the system as required.
Mixer Diagramm GB 300dpi
We assemble your mixer from the elements you require. From small-scale systems, where the finished syrup is dispensed from a single IBC container only, up to our ServoBlend® multicomponent mixer, everything is possible. The more original your needs, the better off you are with us. Our sugar dissolving plants and syrup rooms can be found in separate descriptions. 
Buffer and Homogenisation Carbonation + Syrup dosing Water Degassing

This module ensures that product quality remains consistent, even if frequent stops occur. This module can be omitted if a buffer tank is placed in line before the filling machine and if this buffer tank has a separate inlet and a separate outlet to achieve a final homogenisation.

Core of the system is the dosing module. Here all product components are brought together into solution with the maximum possible accuracy. If there are deviations from the tolerance, the flow will be stopped immediately. The dosing module can be ordered as a single component mixer or with several dosing points.

The necessary residual oxygen of 0.08 ppm (starting value 0.8 ppm in the raw water) for the soft drinks can be achieved with our combined spray and rectification column in one pass. If an even lower residual oxygen value is required, then the system will be equipped with a higher column.

Standard Types Capacity, max.
Mixer 50 15m³/h (150 hl/h)
Mixer 65 25m³/h (250 hl/h)
Mixer 80 35m³/h (350 hl/h)
ServoBlend® Multi component mixing plant
The servo blend blending system is the optimal solution when the sugar syrup is not to be used as a carrier of the beverage components. This may be the case when the variety of different end products makes the stocking with many types of syrup laborious, or when sugar syrup is not a part of each beverage, and thus not available as a carrier of the ingredients. The ServoBlend® system allows beverage manufacturers maximum flexibility in producing a very diverse rangeof beverages. From only lightly flavoured drinks, sugar-free "light" drinks, fruit juice blends to beer mix, there are no restrictions. The product change is largely automatic and takes just a few minutes.
Inter Upgrade ServoBlend 150dpi GB 001
We assure you that no competitive system is available on the market, which allows a higher dosing and mixing accuracy than our Servo Blend system. All the ingredients of the beverage are added inline free of pulsation and can therefore be accurately measured. The highest accuracy is ensured, whether the dosing rate is large or only carried out in homeopathic doses. We achieve this accuracy with robust dosing lines in relatively large pipe diameters. All dosing lines can therefore be cleaned with a high CIP flow rate.

The graph on the left compares a conventional mixing system [a] with the ServoBlend system [b]. Static or dynamic mixers [a] can only reduce the unsteadiness but not eliminate it. The dosage takes place pulsation free [figure b)] in the main stream (even at low dosing rates). There are no dead spaces and no pipe diameter jumps. Due to the relatively large pipe diameter, the dosing line is very easy to clean with a high flow rate.


The system can be adapted modularly to the requirements, even at a later time. Everything is perfectly matched, including the dosing station, the dissolver for solids and the buffer station.

The illustration to the left shows the basic elements of the container station:
- Base space for containers with 4 legs
- Expansion space for container with 2 legs
- Stair element
- Railing element
- Solid dissolver / micro ingredient feeder



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