Brewery plants with quality made in germany.

Beverage Production (turnkey)

We can assemble production facilities for beverages almost completely from our own modules. The ServoBlend® system shown here is a continuous in-line process with the highest possible mixing accuracy, the lowest energy requirement and straightforward operation. A change of product can be effected swiftly. This makes it very economical to produce even small batches. The range of possible products is virtually unlimited.

All our modules are manufactured in the north of Germany. If you purchase one of our beverage plants, you will be ready for production extremely quickly. We can normally deliver each of the modules described here (or several modules together) within eight to ten working weeks. The modules then only have to be connected together at the place of installation.

However, it is not just our short delivery times which help us stand out. We have developed a large number of interesting detailed solutions over the years.

Inline Beverage Production

①  Sugar dissolving

Continuous working sugar dissolving plants, the energy-saving and clean solution!

Whenever something needs to be heated up in a process and then cooled down again, a continuously running process has considerable energy benefits. A large part of the energy required for heating can be drawn from the cooling process. Our ContiBrix sugar dissolving plant can draw up to 81% of the energy from heat recovery. But that's not all.

  • Cold mixing of water and granulated sugar (no vapor)
  • Sugar pasteurization
  • Degassing (with the granulated sugar a lot of oxygen enters the solution)
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.2% Brix
  • Unrivalled low energy consumption
  • Low heat emission

--> Sugar dissolving plants


ContiBrix SugarDissolving

Water degassing

Low oxygen water; the basis for every good product!

We have various water degassing systems in our product range. Specific processes are appropriate depending on the end product to be manufactured. The “cold” column shown here is almost always the best choice for breweries and soft drink producers. Energy consumption is minimal and there is no heat dissipation or noise pollution.

--> Water degassing plants

Water Degassing

Dosing of the ingredients

Highly accurate dosing of all raw materials, convenient and reliable!

Our dosing station makes clean handling of the beverage base materials possible. The measurement and dosing devices are located under cover beneath the container station. There is no labyrinth of hoses and the floor coating is not affected by frequent placement of the base material containers. Our container station can be extended in a modular fashion. There is a dissolving unit to collect and dissolve small components, a suction lance module (for emptying barrels etc.) and other even a steircase module to extend the platform. But the most important element is of course the dosing accuracy and the 100% exclusion of incorrect doses, without adherence to a complicated regime being necessary. In combination with our ServoBlend® buffer station, we have a solution which we have great confidence in.

--> Dosing station / container station



Safety for your product - our flash pasteurization plants

The construction of pasteurisation plants is our main business. We develop tailor-made plants for every product. The solution to be used depends on the product itself (growth conditions for product pests), the type and use of the sales container and the filling machine (e. g. hot filling, cold aseptic filling).

Our portfolio includes small, compact semi-automatic and fully automatic high performance systems for low and high viscosities. As a pasteurizer, a UHT plant or as a plant that can also be used as a heater for hot filling.

--> Flash pasteurizer




Final mixing and buffering

Our ServoBlend® system; simply perfect mixing results every time

Can you be 100% sure that the contents of each bottle of your beverage will be put on the market with the correct composition? Errors can result in considerable reputational losses. Whether with a lot of shouting about the media or creeping about the loss of loyal customers because the product does not taste good.

Our ServoBlend® system always doses and mixes perfectly automatically. Process-related and multiple secured, with belt and suspenders, as we say. We maintain that there is no more accurate and better secured system on the market.

--> ServoBlend® Inline Blending

ServoBlend Mixer

CIP Cleaning

Our "Decentral CIP" - a clean solution

Every reader will be sure that the selection of a CIP system is not a particular challenge. It probably looks a bit different if you apply the following standards to your own CIP solution:

  • Is it 100% impossible to carry over impurities via the CIP system into other production areas?
  • Can the CIP system itself lead to re-application of impurities?
  • Is the cleaning solution always "sharper" and the temperature ever higher to ensure the required cleaning result?
  • Does it occur that several production areas at the CIP system are "queued up" because the system is already occupied with another cleaning task?
  • To what extent is it ensured that there is no risk of operating errors?

There's another way. The right CIP system can make the life of a responsible person easy.

--> CIP Plants                            --> Decentral CIP (.pdf) 


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