Brewery plants with quality made in germany.

CIP Plants

We have standardised five interesting plant concepts:

• Decentralised CIP
• Single Use CIP
• Mobile CIP
• CIP Routing Module
• Central CIP

Despite the standardisation of these concepts, each system is adapted according to the needs of our customer. The diversity of the industry means that the necessary cleaning technology can vary considerably. Our particular strength in special solutions is also realised in the field of CIP systems. The more unusual your need, the greater our advantage over our competitors.


Decentralised CIP
Despite its modest appearance, it provides great benefits. The decentralised CIP plant can be adjusted optimally to the requirements of the process plant to be cleaned. Prepared cleaning media can normally be used more often than with central CIP plants, as a spreading of contaminations to other process plants is not possible. In addition to the simple handling, the main advantage is the greater security for your product.

->  Decentral CIP -GB.pdf
Decentral CIP
Decentral CIP Inter Upgrade 02 GB
Single Use CIP
The CIP Media will be used only one time. Unsurpassed cleaning results because of being free from back contamination by CIP return media. Compared to conventional systems, the consumption of cleaning concentrate increases only marginally, as the cleaning media can be used with a lower concentration. The basic module of the Single Use CIP is also standardised and similar to "Decentralised CIP" unit, but without the storage tank for the caustic CIP agent. The Single Use CIP unit is also equipped with a small buffer tank to cover volume extensions caused by the temperature increment and to remove the air from the the system.
Single Use CIP
Mobile CIP / Compact CIP
Our smallest CIP systems ensure reliable cleaning wherever a large CIP system is not economically viable. Based on our experience, you can be sure that our mobile CIP system will not present any risk to the operators. These CIP systems are adapted precisely to the requirements in your company.
Mobile CIP 02 Mobile CIP 03 Manual CIP 03
CIP Routing Module

The CIP routing module is placed in front of new or existing tanks, resulting in a very sophisticated CIP system. If the CIP systems are exported "overseas", there is almost always a local tank manufacturer who can build the CIP tanks. The manufacturer of the tanks would be supported by us accordingly. With our solution, transport costs are reduced significantly. The user gets a modern CIP system for a price not much higher than for a used unit. The valves, pumps, strainers, metering instruments and control system are mounted on a common base frame.

CIP Routing Module
CIP Routing Module 06
Central CIP
A central CIP system is used to clean different production areas of one CIP system. Most of these plants are equipped with several cleaning circuits. A central CIP system is the best choice when the production areas to be cleaned do not contaminate the CIP Medium too much or the danger of damage through contamination of other production areas is limited. A central CIP system is usually highly automated since the cleaning sequences must be defined so that there is no waiting time.
central CIP - cleaning sequences with no standby times

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