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Mixed Beverage Production, batchwise

In addition to our two inline processes for beverage production, we also offer the batch process "BeverageWizard", which is described in this article. A batch mixing has the advantage that a very thorough traceability of each batch is possible. Also, a batch can be tested, and then released for filling. Deviations within the batch are practically eliminated with our system.

Another feature is the simplicity of the system. The system can be easily operated, even by less skilled personnel. All the ingredients are added weighed and a beverage batch is finished.

So there are two compelling reasons that tip the balance in favour of our BeverageWizard: the assurance of the product quality and the simplicity.

Batch Processed Beverage Production

Mixed Beverage Background 02
Production of mixed beverages in batch procedure/ water degassing -
unmatched precision, easy handling & amazing flexibility!

The BeverageWizard is a module for the production of mixed beverages and for water degassing.

Imagine you purchase a plant for water degassing amounting to approx. 40,000.- EUR and, in addition, you receive a plant for the production of mixed beverages. And this is not just any mixing plant, but a system with unsurpassed accuracy and very simple handling. There is no mixing procedure that leads to perfect results so rapidly, even with components that are difficult to mix.

Design possibilities:
-> as a pure water degassing plant (reasonably priced, buffer effect of stripping gas, low gas consumption)
-> for production of finished mixed beverages in small batches
-> for production of finished mixed beverages in big batches and 5 tanks per BeverageWizard Skid (continuous production)
-> for production of fruit mixed beverages (see figure below)
-> for production of flavoured dairy drinks
-> for production of mixed beer drinks
-> for reproducible accurate production of beer brands (in BBT) with varying original extract

BeverageWizard: Production of mixed beverages and for water degassing.
Step 1: Degassing of water
One of the most important functions is the removal of dissolved oxygen from water. The degassing takes place according to the stripping principle. By adding CO2 (or nitrogen), the dissolved oxygen is displaced from the product. The water is slightly pre-carbonated. Only about 10% of the used CO2 quantity is discharged by the oxygen. Here, the degassing speed comes up to those of common degassing plants for beverage water. If the plant is exclusively used for water degassing, a low-priced pressureless tank can be used instead of a bright beer tank. Compared to other water degassing plants, the BeverageWizard only has benefits, also as a pure degassing plant.

Step 1: degassing of water

Step 2: Dosing of raw materials and sugar
In this step, all required raw materials are dosed. The raw materials are weighed and added according to recipe. The system automatically ensures the perfect mixture. The handling is very simple. It is guaranteed that there is always an equally well mixed product in the whole tank. This is a great advantage in comparison with continuous mixing systems where possible inaccuracies cannot be corrected any more or, are not recognised at all.

chargenverfahren dosierung

Step 3: Carbonation
The carbonation is likewise done at high speed. The tank is closed to the atmosphere in order to build up the necessary pressure for carbonation.

Step 3: Carbonation

Step 4: Pushing of beverage towards bottling
Now the finished product can be pushed directly to the filler or into a storage tank. During tank emptying, there is a CO2 cushion on the beverage providing protection from contact with oxygen. Alternatively, a CO2 pressure in the headspace of the tank can be maintained.

Step 4: Pushing of beverage towards bottling
BeverageWizard® --- System Advantages
Reproducibility / Product Safety
The weighed concentrates are added to a preset water quantity. Very simple. Even unskilled workers can do nothing wrong. Before bottling, a sample can be taken and documented. All filled containers have a 100% identical content.

The mixing result is significantly better than with any other kind of mixing technique.

Low investment cost, free of risk
Compared to conventional mixing plants, the investment volume is extremely smallvanishingly small. For very little money, you will get the opportunity ofto a large number of new products. Gain a decisive advantage!

Water degassing plant
Should you only require a water degassing plant, you can still upgrade the mixing function cost-effectively at a later time. Everything is set up for this eventuality.

High reliability
The system contains only a few and, furthermore, very robust components. A system failure can practically be ruled out. And there are only very few wearing parts within the plant.

BeverageWizard® with existing tanks
The BeverageWizard Skid can be installed together with new or with existing tanks. There is not a single installation situation for which no solution can be found. The same applies to the tank connections. We manufacture special adapters (RLV fittings) in order to integrate the tank gassing and the mixing head. With existing tanks, the assembly of the mixing head is carried out from inside the tank. Due to the long lance of the mixer, this is an easy task (no scaffolding has to be built inside the tank). With very large tanks, the lance, including mixing head, may protrude into the tank from below (with tank heights over 20m).

BeverageWizard®: Blending unit for soft drink production with existing tanks

Special adapters (RLV fittings) to integrate the tank gassing and the mixing head

Lance including mixing head looms into the tank from below (tank height over 20m).

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