Test pasteurisation as a service

We offer test pasteurisations as a service. It will then be possible for you to find out what effect flash pasteurisation has on your product. Precise test series with different temperatures and heat holding times can be carried out. The pasteurisation service is only intended for small samples (we require approx. 2 litres for each sample to be tested) and we do not offer paid pasteurisation of larger quantities. The customer will receive a small quantity of the pasteurised sample in a sterile disposable syringe once the test pasteurisation has been completed. A test record with the precise temperature and time progression also forms part of the service we provide. The laboratory analysis (counting and determination of the germs by means of Petri dish and incubator) or just a sensory test then occurs on the part of the customer. Alternatively we can also arrange this external laboratory analysis.
Following each pasteurisation run, the part of the pasteurisation system which has been in contact with the product is cleaned extremely thoroughly. Nevertheless, the pasteurisation of foodstuffs on the one hand and the pasteurisation of pharmaceutical substances or chemicals on the other takes place in different appliances. We do not carry out tests on highly dangerous or highly toxic substances.
We estimate a cost of 2000 euros (as of May 2019) for a pasteurisation run without external laboratory analysis. If a sample is to be tested at two different temperatures for example, then two pasteurisation processes are necessary. If a customer subsequently orders a pasteurisation system from ourselves, then 50% of the amount charged for the tests will be reimbursed. Costs for external laboratory analyses of the pasteurised or unpasteurised samples are not reimbursed.
Special prices for regular test pasteurisations are of course possible. We will also be happy to carry out these tests for all competitors (manufacturers of pasteurisation plants) or laboratories. Please feel free to enquire with us. After all, business is business. We do in each case ensure that the carrying out of the test in general, the subsequent test results or names of end customers are all treated with the strictest confidentiality.

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