Brewery plants with quality made in germany.

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers made to measure 

We have developed our own double pipe heat exchangers, primarily to make our pasteurisation plants more competitive. We have taken a very close look at the systems available on the market. We wish to use the following improvements to highlight our own heat exchangers:

  • Low pressure loss:
    The pipe profiling is adapted to the flow properties of the medium used.

  • Hygienic design:
    Heat expansion causes considerable stresses within a pipe heat exchanger. These stresses are usually compensated by bellows or pipes inserted into one another and sealed with O-rings. We use a special pipe attachment to tackle the problem. The inner pipe can expand over a large area.

  • Favourable price:
    Although we manufacture all our pipe heat exchangers in house here in Germany, we are still in a position to offer very competitive prices.

Heat Exchanger Multitube

Double pipe heat exchanger for heat recovery 

A recovery heat exchanger assists in the recovery of heat within continuous processes. A pasteurisation plant is a typical application. Here the cold product which is fed in is pre-heated in the heat exchanger. The hot product which emerges is used for pre-heating. Up to 90% of the heat used can be recovered with a recovery heat exchanger. The system which we have developed also ensures hygienic conditions on the outer casing.


Recovery Heat Exchanger 1

Recovery Heat Exchanger 150dpi
MultiTube heat exchanger  
Multitube heat exchanger
A "MultiTube" heat exchanger is used to enable the temperature treatment to proceed evenly. For this purpose the product flow is segmented into several small partial flows. A MultiTube heat exchanger is also suitable for products with a high viscosity or lumpy ingredients. Higher operating pressures and very high flow speeds are possible when compared to a plate heat exchanger. Our heat exchangers are intended for use in the food industry in particular. We use our MultiTube heat exchangers as a heater stage in our pasteurisation plants and also as falling film evaporators in a modified form.
Helix heat exchangers - a possible alternative to scraped surface heat exchangers 
Helix heat exchanger
Our Helix heat exchangers can be an alternative to scraped surface heat exchangers in many cases. They are particularly suitable when extreme adhesions (through extreme cold or heat) must be avoided and an even temperature treatment has to be ensured. A Helix heat exchanger prevents a highly viscous medium being moved through the heat exchanger as a block. However a Helix also increases the efficiency of the flow of the product for media with low viscosity as well. Our Helix heat exchangers are designed and made to order. Many different lengths and diameters are possible.

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