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Water degassing systems

Three processes which meet all requirements.

Vacuum degassing:

Ideal if still beverages are included in the production programme.

Gas stripping:
A "stripping" column is unbeatable in terms of operating stability and operating costs if the focus is primarily on the production of carbonated beverages.

Totally uncomplicated

water degassing systems

Water degassing - a brief overview

Water is the basis of every drink. Oxygen can be removed from the water without too much difficulty and it represents the best value method for ensuring good product quality right from the start. The expression "degassed water" refers to the reduced oxygen content.

Oxygen in foodstuffs
Bei During the production of foodstuffs it is essential that the oxygen content is kept as low as possible. The presence of oxygen encourages aerobic germs such as mould fungus. Oxygen also has an unfortunate effect on the colour and taste. This is particularly true if long heat treatment is necessary. Oxygen reacts oxidatively with the amino acid methionine, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), flavonoids (secondary plant products) and unsaturated fats and lipids. Oxygen also encourages photosensitised oxidation (triggered by visible light) in foodstuffs with transparent packaging. The shelf life of foodstuffs is thus strongly dependent on the residual oxygen content.

Vacuum degassing



Vacuum Degassing 150dpi

Ideal if still beverages are the main product.

Gas stripping



water degassing hot stripping 150dpi

Ideal if carbonated drinks are being produced.




EcoX Water Degassing 150dpi

Very good value and uncomplicated. Also highly suitable for decentralised water degassing e.g. in the filter cellar of a brewery. EcoX can also be designed for very large tanks and high outputs.


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