Who we are and what we do:
Inter-Upgrade is an engineering office and a manufacturer of typical modules for the food industry. Our special fields are thermal process solutions and dosing/blending technologies.  Our company name and our logo indicate our global focus, although we are a German manufacturer. 

Why Inter-Upgrade:
How well will your system meet your needs? Specialist knowledge is always on a personal basis. If this knowledge is not available in abundance, then 100 years of company history counts for nothing. Our existential basis is our available know-how and notknowledge that is hidden away in forgotten company archives. The advantage for a client is the fact that he negotiates directly with our project managers and therefore he gets an overview of the know-how of everyone involved. Our projects are only handled by people who have many years of successful involvement in the respective activities.

What is the risk:
Process engineering systems are an assembly of individual components such as valves, pumps, measurement devices and the control system. If the entire system has a malfunction,  this is usually caused by one of these single components. This single component can be replaced quickly. So there is a big difference between one of our processing plants and a complex single machine in the filling area for example in which the end user is completely reliant on the machine manufacturer. The risk of your investment with us is extremely manageable even with critical consideration. We are also subject to German and European jurisdiction, which grants us no preferential treatment towards domestic and foreign business partners as a supplier.

What about the service and warranty:
As already stated in the previous paragraph, our systems are a series of single individual components. Each individual component has a low investment volume. The manufacturers of these components are committed to us for service and warranty. A problem on a system can usually be traced back to a problematic single component and can be eliminated very easily. We can ensure  the service and warranty worldwide without difficulty, without compromising competitors who might have local representation. The original component manufacturer specifications are included in our final project documentation. Because of this, the spare parts business often passes us by, but it simplifies the project management and improves the long-term relationship with the customer. We disclose both the software and the process description. The owner of the plant can make modifications easily. But within the warranty period, it is advisable to have us make the changes.

Durability and plant availability:
After the installation is completed, we hear very little about our systems. With professional maintenance, our plants can easily be operated for 20 years or much longer. That is our aim. We attach great importance to high quality and durability, much more than usual. Through our experience as plant designers, we are also aware of the risk presented by some "high end components" in terms of system availability if the production facility is located in rustic environments. Robustness and appropriate technology make lives easier for our clients and for us. Everywhere!

Teamwork 7
  Teamwork. The 3D model (left picture) is the basis for the manufacturing. This 3D model is hard to distinguish from the finished module (right picture).

Companies that form the team for the production of a process plant:

-> Inter-Upgrade GmbH - the system is designed and drawn here. This encompasses the complete engineering including documentation and CE certification. Shipping, commissioning, spare parts supply and on-site service are also organized from here. We are always the central point of contact for each customer; all 7 days of the week, on Sundays or on bank holidays.

-> Riemer + Timmann Rohrleitungsbau GmbH - specialists in the field of stainless steel processing. Once we have submitted the 3D production drawings, all systems are produced here in perfect quality. R + T also carry out the welding documentation, if this is required. http://riemer-timmann.de/

-> bsb automation GmbH - the control systems of the process plants are planned and built here. The software and the control cabinet are created on the basis of our process description. A BSB control specialist and our process engineer travel all over the world together for the purpose of commissioning. Today almost every system is delivered with a remote maintenance facility. The remote maintenance of the respective machine software is connected to BSB and it is carried out in consultation with ourselves.  http://bsb-automation.com/

Teamwork 4


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