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Product Degassing & Dealcoholisation

Product degassing and dealcoholisation are two material separation processes which occur in a vacuum. For these processes it is essential that the foodstuff in question is not damaged during the treatment. Every additional process stage is damaging for foodstuffs. This is why the aim is always to restrict the number of necessary process stages as much as possible while also keeping the temperature as low and the treatment time as short as possible.

-> MultiFood Degasser; our standard solution for degassing liquid foodstuffs up to a viscosity of approx. 8,000 mPas
-> ZeroAlc; our dealcoholisation system for beer and wine. We are still looking for a project partner such as a brewery for this system (see below)

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MultiFood Degasser

Perfect results with a high degree of repeat accuracy at all times

Our “Multifood Degasser” stands out as it is able to degas a huge range of products. A system for degassing fruit juice can in principle also be used for degassing apple purée. In addition no specific minimum flow rate is required to operate the system.
The functional principle involves guiding the product to be degassed onto a rotating plate within an evacuated tank. The rotation of the plate allows the product to be flung evenly against the tank wall and it is present as a thin film here. The vacuum allows gases to be separated from the product film and then removed via suction. A specific quantity of steam is removed depending on the set temperature. This steam and the flavours contained within it are condensed in a heat exchanger and then fed directly back to the product. The components which cannot be condensed are removed from the system via the vacuum pump.
Due to the nature of the process, the system is relatively high at 4 metres. Special versions with a lower height are however also available. The system will be fully assembled in our factory and subjected to test operation. The system then only needs to be assembled from a small number of precisely fitting parts at the set-up location. It mainly comprises the function module, the degassing tank and the cooler.

MultiFood Degasser 150


Dealcoholisation of beer and wine

Our new dealcoholisation system is to be known as ZeroAlc. The underlying idea is to offer breweries and wineries a cost-effective system for dealcoholisation which can also be extended in several stages. The throughput rate of the system increases with each additional stage. Residual alcohol values which meet requirements in Islamic countries can be achieved with the basic module. The basic version requires just one column to achieve this. A column module is then added for each extension.
The development of the system is virtually complete. We are now looking for a brewery which is interested in the acquisition of a very reasonably priced system. The only condition would involve us carrying out the necessary tests and being allowed to use the system as a reference project (perhaps 2 visits per year with interested parties).



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