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Vertical Mixer and Continuous Mixer

Module for the mixing of viscous products

Our ViscoMixer's speciality is the continuous mixing of powder with liquids and lumpy ingredients into a homogeneous viscous mass. The homogeneity is achieved after just a few revolutions. The stirring elements are adapted optimally to the relevant task. Sensitive products can be mixed homogeneously without the product being affected by extreme shear forces. Our ViscoMixer was developed as a continuous vertical mixer. It can however also be designed as a batch mixer.

VizcoMixer: Continuous mixing of powders and liquids.

ViscoMixerTM / ContiMixer / Vertical Mixer
Mixing of powders and liquids

The ViscoMixer can be used to create products with a viscosity of up to about 40000 mPas. The continuous production rate is 4000 kg/h for a viscosity of 15000 mPas.

The ViscoMixer is designed for the food industry,ere specifically for the continuous production of dough with a flour content of 50% (by weight). However, there are a wide variety of possible applications, even outside the food industry.

The vertical arrangement permits a single bearing position of the stirrer shaft at the highest point of the mixing vessel. There is no product at this point. All components are dosed in the head space. Therefore the head space is free. Two rotating cleaning heads are installed here. Water can also be dosed through these cleaning heads when it forms part of the recipe. The head space remains clean even during production. The mixing tank can be almost completely emptied as the product is fed to the tank outlet via gravity. This is a big advantage compared with horizontal mixers.

The central agitator shaft can be equipped with stirrer elements which are optimally adapted to the mixing task. In addition, the cylindrical frame can be fitted with one or more tool holders. Baffles or blades can be used here. The cylindrical frame can be equipped with heating or cooling zones. The mixer can thus be used as an evaporator, boiler or radiator. The mixing vessel has a wall thickness of 4 to 8 mm, depending on the application. Overpressure and vacuum applications may be realised. The ViscoMixer meets the requirements of hygienic design. The EHEDG guidelines are adhered to.


Continuous mixing machine ViscoMixer

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