Brewery plants with quality made in germany.

Sugar dissolving systems

Three solutions for every application:

>> ContiBrix - continuous sugar dissolving
Unmatched low energy consumption and free of recrystallisation.

>> EcoBrix - sugar dissolving by batch
The ideal solution if the granulated sugar is delivered from bags or big bags.

>> HighBrix
For extreme Brix-values in the confectionery and bakery industry.

Sugar solution
+ Pasteurisation
+ Degassing of the sugar solution
+ Perfect dissolving result
+ High heat recovery
+ Lowest heat radiation
= Inter-Upgrade sugar dissolving plants

All these points speak in favour of one of our systems. In addition, any of our systems avoid generation of sugar dust. This is a great advantage in terms of explosion protection.

EcoBrix Sugar Dissolving Plant

Sugar dissolving systems - a short overview

While process engineering for food production has become increasingly sophisticated, the state of technology with regard to sugar dissolving plants remains somewhat underdeveloped. Ever higher standards are required, which go beyond those necessary for manufacturing the product. With sugar dissolving plants, however, procedures have changed little over the last hundred years. The fact that everything which is present in the sugar is also present in the final product is not taken into consideration. All types of product spoilage germs and lots of oxygen get into the product with the dissolved sugar. Fungal spores are harmless in the dissolved sugar but they may become harmful in the final product. Oxygen is not desirable in many foods because it is the basis for oxidation and fermentation processes.



Sugar dissolving plant ContiBrix

This type of plant is characterised by its unbeatably low heat demand. This is not the only factor which makes our Conti-Brix the best product you can purchase in the field of sugar dissolving systems.



EcoBrix 700pxx700px 150dpi

A batch dissolving system makes sense when granulated sugar is delivered from bags or "big bags".



HighBrix 2

Sugar syrups with extreme Brix values are required in the baking and confectionery industry. Our High-Brix is the first choice here.

Accessories for sugar dissolving systems

Additional module heat and water recovery for sugar dissolving systems
Certain applications require the provision of cold sugar syrup. The heat from the hot solution must be fully removed in this case. Our module for heat recovery allows this recovered energy to be used in the hot solution of the sugar. In contrast to conventional recovery systems, no excessive quantity of hot water accumulates, for which there is no practical use in the majority of cases.

Additional module "Brix-Control"
If there are very high demands in terms of the exact concentration of the sugar syrup, then this option is recommended. The sugar is dissolved with a slightly higher concentration and then diluted by water to the given value. The system includes Brix measurement and it is fully automated. Accuracies of up to +/- 1° Brix are achievable.

Syrup filtration and syrup decolouration (activated carbon filter)
With granulated sugar foreign particles will always enter the sugar syrup. These particles can easily be filtered out of the liquefied sugar (syrup). We offer filter systems with different filtration grades for this purpose. If clear beverages are being produced, we recommend our activated carbon filter. As a result, discolourations in the granulated sugar, are not be found in the dissolved sugar syrup.

Sugar storage tanks and ring circuit
The sugar syrup is provided in insulated and heated storage tanks. A circulation line is used to guide the sugar to the points of use and back to the respective storage tank.
The advantages of this system are considerable:
- sedimentation in the storage tanks or in the pumps is prevented
- the ring circuit is always free from air
- the ring circuit can be rinsed easily with hot water
- no sugar losses while feeding the sugar to the dosing point
- no sugar spreading, no damage to the floor coating

Syrup dosing system
Our dosing system guarantees an unsurpassed precision in the dosing of the sugar syrup into your product. The homogeneous blending of the syrup is always ensured, even with cold products. Dosing is pulsation-free. Even the very smallest dosing rates are dosed accurately.

Crystal sugar handling
In continuous systems the granulated sugar is provided from a sugar silo. Then the dosing into the dissolving system is carried out via a rotary feeder or a dosing screw. With batch dissolving systems, the granulated sugar is provided via a screw conveyor or via our "PowderFeeder".

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