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Pasteuriser: MiniFlash

Sometimes the only solution for small companies

A flash pasteuriser always has considerable cost implications for small companies. However, this is always a particularly good investment. It is essential that small companies maintain a strong base of loyal repeat customers. Just a single lapse in terms of product quality can do untold damage to the company's reputation.

Our MiniFlash pasteuriser is intended for smaller companies. MiniFlash systems are semiautomatic. Everything which is hard to sustain manually is automated (e.g. the temperature control). Everything which can easily be observed or decided in passing (alongside other activities) is carried out manually. This is the only way to keep the price for our high quality MiniFlash pasteurisation system down. The high quality of the plant should be emphasized. A Mini Flash system is intended for the use of 20 years or longer.


Pasteurizer for smaller companies - MiniFlash.

MiniFlash + MiniFlash Electric, our smallest flash pasteurisers

Our MiniFlash pasteuriser can be built for outputs ranging from 200 litres per hour up to 2500 litres per hour. There are two basic versions. The first of these is the low pressure version for products with a gas content (CO2, N2, ... ) of less than 1 gramme per litre (milk, wine, fruit juice, ...) and the other is the high pressure system for carbonated drinks (beer, lemonade and other fizzy drinks). The system can be heated electrically or by means of steam. An electrically heated system is also extremely economical due to the high internal heat recovery rate of up to 95%. The internal heat recovery is used to heat up the plant and it supports the steam heating or electrical heating.

MiniFlash Electric

The MiniFlash concept can also just be used for heating up beverages which have to be bottled at a high temperature. The beverage benefits from gentle indirect heating via an intermediate hot water circuit. The temperature difference between the product and the hot water is not higher than approx. 6°C at any point.

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